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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I joined Heritage Park in April. I was tired of being sluggish and overweight, but at the same time, I had no big plans. I initially thought I’d get in, casually do 30 minutes on the elliptical, then get out. As started my plan and chugged away on the elliptical, I quickly noticed there was so much more available to me! I started trying all of the classes available, and even though they are all very different workouts, I loved them all! They started changing my body and pushed me in many different ways.
From there, my husband and I attended the aerobicathon and stayed the entire time! While there I won 4 free sessions to boot camp, and that started a whole new love. My attitude towards the gym is the polar opposite of what it was before. I used to do the bare minimum and get out as fast as possible, but the trainers and staff there have made me want so much more for myself. They began to push me in ways that I never thought possible, and because of them, I now have fitness goals that I am very excited to reach and push beyond.
I have told everyone I know about the caring, helpful staff at Heritage Park. I am doing things I never thought possible because of them!!! I am a totally different person than who I was before, and I have Heritage Park to thank for that.
Thank you!
Posted By: Tyly
Killeen, Texas
I am the proud wife of James Isbell and mother of three amazing children, Lauren; 14, Haley; 12 and Ethan; 2. Yes I said two. So I have a teenager and a terrible two year old. James and I own a small business and have been in Central Texas for three years now, My journey with my weight began in September of 2005. My entire life I have always been “bigger” than most girls, even in school.
In 2005 I was the heaviest I had ever been. I topped the scale at 200lbs and wore a size 16 jeans. I left a job that I had been at for over ten years to continue my college education. I was not as “active” as what I was and was not getting enough sleep, eating whatever was available and stressed out to the max.
Posted By: Becky Isbell
The scale can be your friend or foe. It can dictate a good or bad day. It can make you laugh or cry. Why do we give something, a mere number, so much control over our happiness and allow it to define our successes or failures? The number goes up, it goes down, and it goes back up again all within the same day. The scale is schizophrenic…you never know what you are going to get from one minute/hour/day to the next.

Saturday was the final weigh in day for the Biggest Loser Contest. My starting weight, 8 weeks ago, was 155 lbs and Saturday I weighed in at 149. I lost 6 lbs in 8 weeks, less than a pound a week. As hard as I worked and as clean as I ate, if I allowed that 6 lb weight loss to define my 8 week journey, I would have walked out of the gym crying and said it wasn’t worth it.
I stand at 5’4. If I were to go to the doctor, they would tell me I am overweight based on a calculated BMI of 26. According to another calculator, my ideal weight for my height is around 117 lbs, give or take 10%. Let’s take the higher of the range…then I should weigh around 130 lbs. Yet another weight calculator said my ideal weight is 126 lbs or a range from 112 – 140. When I read these numbers, I could easily get discouraged. These charts tell me I have 10 to 40 lbs left to lose. How do I know what my ideal weight is when the variance is so broad? It is easy to get caught up in the “number”. If I am given a choice, I want the lower number. I would love to say that I weigh 125 lbs, even 112 lbs. And because Cheryl (in Oxygen Magazine this month) weighs 125 lbs and she is 5’4, doesn’t that mean I should too?

This is where the scale loses its importance to me. The only way I could lose that much more weight (if I use 125 as my “goal weight”) is to sacrifice the muscle that I have worked so hard to build over the last 8 weeks. I would also sacrifice my health. So, I chose to rely on my body fat %, which to me is the only number that truly reflects all of my hard work and progress. 8 weeks ago, my body fat measured at 26.48%. On Saturday, it measured at 18.69%. My fat mass went from 41.04 down to 27.81. Those are numbers I can get excited about. Those are the numbers I celebrate. They define my success. Those numbers don’t call me overweight. They call me an Athlete. What number will you let define your successes?
Posted By: Darlene Staley
Brooke Chaffee was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in August 2013. She exercised regularly and had healthy eating habits prior to her diagnosis. The results came as a shock from her doctor because she was only 39 years old. Colon Cancer is the third most deadly form of the disease. But it is curable. In fact, if the disease is caught early, 90% of Colon Cancer patients are cured. The Colon Cancer screening process is absolutely critical. Brooke’s strategy has been one of achieving a state of balance between mind, body and spirit. Since health and fitness has always been an essential part of her life, staying in the gym was important. “If your mind and body are right, it greatly affects your attitude,” she said. After surgery to remove a tumor from her large intestine, Brooke started a six-month chemotherapy program. She has been undergoing chemo for six weeks, and is back at Heritage Park Fitness working out at least three times a week. Staying strong physically helps her emotionally and spiritually. “Chemotherapy can affect your balance, stability and flexibility, so my aim was to strengthen my body to proactively fight the effects,” she said. In addition to her strength and cardio training, Brooke takes advantage of the yoga classes to relax and focus her thoughts on maintaining peace and serenity.
The results are overwhelmingly positive. “Working out with a Personal Trainer helps motivate me to get into the gym; especially on the days I am tired from Chemo,” she said. “I take Yoga classes to help relax my mind and body. It’s a great stress reliever.” Though she made healthy choices before, Brooke has adjusted her eating habits. She improved her diet to have an organic tone, and ultimately removed many dairy products and sugars. By eating the right foods, she maintains her energy level at a point that allows her to work out and fuel her muscles. “Eating the right foods is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It will not only help rid the side effects of chemo, but rid my body of inflammation which cancer thrives on” she said. “I now eat lots of organic fruits and veggies, and limit my intake of meat.” You don’t have to be afraid or alone if battling cancer. By sharing her story, Brooke feels more connected and empowered. She will beat Colon Cancer through a sound strategy of health, fitness and spirituality.
Posted By: Brooke Chaffee
Beating Cancer through Mind, Body and Spirit

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