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Wow ! it’s crazy to think we are already half way through the B.L. challenge. We just had our midpoint weigh in. I definitely did not do as well as I was hoping but considering a newborn baby, little sleep every night, our new business opening, my husband’s business events, beginning contracting my other business with home health, and all the paperwork I have to do for my patient’s at the outpatient pediatric facility I contract at; I’d say I definitely gave it my all these past couple of weeks.All my free time was spent either at the gym or sleeping. The last workout was probably my hardest. I slept approx. 3 hours the night before so pushing through that workout with Jessica, definitely required some will-power. Glad it’s done.

SO, the results are in:

Mid Point Weigh in:

Pounds Lost: 7 lbs

Inches Lost: approx. 5 inches total throughout my body (mostly in my waist and none lost in my thighs)

Body Fat Lost: almost 3%

What I did well this past week: I did not eat any fast food; including my fave, Vanilla Soy Lattes from Starbucks (approx. 35g of Sugar and 37 g of carbs) so i believe this helped me out. My alternative was, I went to the Cefco near the gym and got a gas station coffee sweetened with stevia and non-dairy creamer. It helped me push through my workouts, cost less, and although, was not as tasty, it still tasted fine.

At home: I made coffee and sweetened it with truvia and Lite Vanilla Soy Milk or Almond Milk. Still pretty good.

My Husband pre-prepped all of our meals consisting of veggies and a protein and a serving of sweet potato which really REALLY helped me when I was super hungry and had the urge to eat something quick.

Positives: I texted my mom a photo of me and baby and her text back was “Wow, you have lost a lot of weight baby”. My mom rarely notices stuff like that so that made me feel great!

Negatives: I need to drink more water. I always feel dehydrated and I notice when I do a lot of cardio, I do not make as much breast milk for my baby. I really feel bad about this.

I also desperately need more sleep. I feel like it is so difficult to lose weight when I am sleep deprived. I can almost feel my body producing cortisol.

I need to eat more small meals throughout the day.

My Goals:

- Up Cardio this week and even if I can’t attend a “sticker” class at the gym, still workout just as hard in it’s place.

- Drink a gallon of water a day minimum

-Plan something special for my husband. (He lost 3% body fat and has been amazing with pre-preparing all of our meals and sacrificing sleep so I can get some consistent sleep throughout the night.)

- Stop negative self-talk. Listen to the advice BeBe has given me and be proud of myself for the things I do accomplish, rather than focus on the things I didn’t do.

- Invite a friend out to lunch (I feel like I have been MIA since pregnancy and I haven’t seen a lot of my girlfriends in quite some time. This week, I will try to reach out and see if I can catch up with someone I haven’t seen in a while)

Here’s hoping for another great week of workouts and healthy eating!

Thanks to all the HP trainers/staff/Members and BeBe for helping to keep me motivated. I really appreciate the smiles and encouragement I receive at the gym. It makes a world of difference!