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Well, it’s crazy to think the biggest loser has come to an end already. It has been extremely motivational to participate in this challenge. I have had the opportunity to meet so many people and learn so many new things. I have developed friendships, gotten to know the trainers, the owner, and made lasting connections; all the while working towards my goal of becoming healthier.
I also want to give a special shout out to Barbara Crawford; an amazing Life Coach. I am so grateful that HP acknowledges that a weight loss isn’t always about eating right and exercising but it is a mental challenge as well. Barbara really helped me overcome the psychological barriers I had with the changes that I had with recently gaining so much weight.
She also coached me and fellow biggest loser contestants through a “jean Challenge”, also led by Trainer, Julie Cary. This was especially helpful for me since I had gained so much of my weight in the lower half of my body. I did not have a single pair of jeans (even the stretch ones) that fit me after I had my baby (sadly even the maternity jeans I had did not fit my hips). This Jean challenge was an added bonus and fun and friendly competition to go along with the Biggest Loser workouts. Now two pairs on jeans fit and I am continuing to work on fitting into my old jeans so I don’t have to buy new ones.
I wanted to share my results in the Biggest Loser Challenge. I am normally more embarrassed to share my body fat and measurements but if I can help motivate someone, it is worth it to me. Although I still have not met all of my goals, I have continued motivation to keep going.

Here are my end results:

Starting Weight: 225.6 lbs

Ending Weight: 213.6 lbs

Starting Body Fat Percentage 20.5%

Ending Body Fat Percentage 16.7%

Benefits of Participation:

  • I sleep less but the quality of sleep I get is better
  • I have more energy to play with my 4 month old baby
  • I have a stronger core, arms and legs
  • My posture is better
  • My knees don’t hurt at the end of the day when I walk up the stairs to our home (carrying baby carrier, diaper bag, work bag, purse, and lunch box)
  • My husband and I have some fun memories competing in the Biggest Loser Competitions (He may have beat me in body fat lost this time, but I will beat him come January for Biggest Loser round 2)
  • I met really awesome people at the gym who motivate me to be better in all areas of my life
  • I met Barbara Crawford who is an amazing life coach and I have been able to refer her to friends of mine who will benefit greatly from her services and her heart
  • I can fit in to some of my old clothes and have been able to avoid buying an all new wardrobe post pregnancy (this alone has saved me so much money)
  • Better Time Management for a healthier lifestyle to include workouts, meal prep, water intake, family time and work time
  • I got to see my fellow competitors become healthier, stronger, and amazing changes in their body Compositions, water intake, and food consumption. Props to my friend, teammate, and hard core gym rat, KRISTEN for winning the Biggest Loser Competition! She sure did deserve it. I am pretty sure she worked out at least twice a day everyday if not more! I also want to give props to everyone who participated and worked so hard and a special shout out to Crystal for MVP! Whether these ladies realized it or not, I kept pushing through because I saw them pushing through. I am looking forward to our friendly competition in January!
Cons of Participation:
Absolutely None
Thank You HP for this amazing opportunity! I sing your praises to everyone I meet. Thanks for caring so much about your members! I look forward to The January Biggest Loser Challenge only this time, I can bring my A game even harder!
Bellah Northington